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Objectives of activities
Contents@of Activites
SALA regulations
SALA NETWORK Members Structure E 1

Kinds of membership
Main activities
Puppy members (elementary school students)
  • Caring animals
  • Planning for members' study meetings, birthday party and Christmas party
  • Compose of Junior Club, publish Junior Club news "ONE" (editing committee is by turn)
Annual fee
Junior members /Y (junior high school students) Annual fee
Junior members /E (high school students) Annual fee
Senior members/activity members
(Over 18 years old E full membership)
  • Works at the shelter (caring, training and transporting animals)
  • Planning for camps, social gatherings with dogs, etc.
  • Publish "BRIDGE" quarterly (select editing committeej
  • A director is elected among the members, and a director attends regular meetings (one-year term)
    Others, enrich exchange among the members.

Annual membership fee

5.000 yen each membership

BBS members/activity members
(Over 18 years old E full membership)
–Guiding and counseling for A members
Foster members ("daddy longlegs" for dogs & cats)
choose active or non-active
  • Foster parents for rescued dogs and cats
  • Foster parents for the companion animals working in visiting activities
    (Bear a part of the companion animals' expenses. You can designate a certain dog(s) or cat(s))
    (If you designate dog(s) or cat(s), you can receive their recent reports and photographs. Also you can go out and stay overnight with them if you want.)

Monthly fee


Support members (supporting members)
Choose active or non-active
  • Financially support
  • Support at the side of public relations
  • In case of switch over to a Support member from an Activity member, the fee should be 4 shares or over.

Monthly fee


Adoption members (members who adopted animals)
  • The owners of the rescued animals
  • Cooperate in maitaining the organization
  • Participate in the activities as much as possible, and promote the organization's activities in the society.

Annual fee


Corporate members
(Group and company members)
  • Financially support

(Dog-related goods companies can donate their goods instead of the fee)

Annual fee


About the membership fees

กAnnual membership fee is for the period of April to the next March, and membership can be overlapped on more than one membership.

กAs for the membership fees one person can pay for as many shares as he/she likes. (Discuss a payment on installment plan.)

–No other members excepting for B members do not involve in managing the organization.
SALA NETWORK Members Structure E 2

Kinds of membership
Main activities
SALA HOME establishment fund
  • Financial support

iThe establishment of a home where "dogs, children and the aged " can live in together)

iA fund for a dog home establishment which aims at facilitating shelter and maintaining the operating costs.)

10.000 each

SALA DOG HOME establishment fund
Assistance dogs rearing fund
  • Financial support

iA fund to train hearing dogs and assistance dogs among the rescued dogs and to provide the trained dogs to those who have hearing and physical disability. (The fund will also be used for rearing dog triners)

10.000 each

Contribution to SALA NETWORK
  • Donations and contribution of goods are always welcomed from anyone.
  • Mistakenly written unused postcards are very welcomed. Your cooperation is always waited for.
  • Collection of used postage stamps and used telephone cards has been stopped. Thank you very much for your kind contribution you sent us so far.


Payment transfer account (Postal transfer)

Postal transfer (at post office counter)
A/C No.: ‚O‚O‚P‚T‚O-‚O-‚U‚P‚Q‚R‚O‚Q

Name of the A/C: SALA NETWORK

Home > About SALA_Composition of Members
HOME ๚U About SALA ๚U S A LA News ๚U The foster parent wanted. ๚U The member wanted. ๚U F A Q ๚U Contribution
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