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How to apply
Rescued Dogs
Adoption Parents Agreement@


Those who want to adopt dogs or cats are requested to fully understand the following points in advance so that both the adoptive family and foster dogs/cats can lead a happy life together and that the dogs and cats will never have a sacrifice forced again. In order to make a life-long follow ups of the foster dogs/cats we would like to basically limit adoption applications to those who reside within the 23 wards of Tokyo and the surrounding areas who have fixed home telephones. We appreciate your kind understanding.


  1. We will send you an adoption application form later, and please send it back to us after all the necessary items are filled out. We will contact you as soon as the appropriate dog/cat fitting your request is at our shelter.
    Meeting with the animal, and if congeniality is confirmed, the adoption applicant will actually live with the animal together for 2-3 weeks (trial period). The transfer of the appropriate animal is concluded with the adoptive family only if both sides, adoptive parent and the foster dog/cat, hope.
    An adoptive parent is requested to sign and seal the written oath at each time of starting a trial period and acutual transfer of the animal.

  2. When signing the oath, please make sure that you fully understand and acknowledge the conditions and the basic ways of breeding written in the oath before you sign and seal. And, we would like to ask you to attach an identification (a copy of a driver's license, etc.) to the application form as well.

  3. It might be possible that we have to ask the adoptive applicant to wait for a while if a suitable animal is not at our shelter after the contents of the application form are confirmed.
    Please also understand that it might happen that we regretfully refuse adoption application
    if the breeding conditions are against our policy. Our organization's breeding conditions required are different depending on dogs or cats and their sizes. Please contact us directly for the details. (As for the animals handed over from our organization, we ask all the adoptive families for full indoor breeding regardless of the size or kind.)

  4. Those who live in the residence complex (regardless renting or own) are requested to submit a copy of the residence agreement. Basically transfer of animals is refused for renting residence. However, except for the case of a renting individual house with a landlord's consensus in breeding animals in the house or residence complex where animal breeding is permitted in the agreement or regulation. In any case, please attach a copy of the agreement, regulations or approval documents.

  5. Please refrain from coming to visit our shelter to see the animals without contacting us in advance. Visitors are not permitted to go into the shelter except for those who are concerned. (Dogs barking due to visitors' entering into the shelter will be disturbing to the neighborhood.) And we cannot meet the request by adoption applicants to see foster dogs or cats first and choose before filling out the adoption application form. We would like to ask for your kind understanding.

  6. The rescued puppies and kittens are all mixed breeds. Usually, there are no puppies or kittens of pure-blood at the shelter, and we cannot meet the requests designating desired kinds, sex and month-ages.

  7. As for the animals protected due to lost, etc., there is no pedigree even they are of pure-blood. Even in case of the dogs or cats abandoned by their owners with pedigree, it cannot be given away. However, their dates of birth can only be informed.

  8. All the foster animals from our organization will never be able to be handled for propagation purpose at all.
    Neutering and spaying operations are a must regardless of the blood or sex. If the animal is handed over before the operation is given, it is the adoptive family's duty to give the operation within the period specified at the time of transfer except for the case that a veterinarian admits the operation is not appropriate. If the adoptive family do not keep the promise after the transfer of the animal, please understand that it might happen that the animal's ownership will return to our organization and we will have the animal and the puppies or kittens together (if any) returned to our organization.

  9. At the time of transfer of the animals, adoptive families are requested to become our organization's adoption members (Adoption Members). It is the life-long membership as long as the foster animal is alive (the term of one year is April to March the next year and the annual membership fee is 1,000 one share or over - as any shares as the adoption parents want..) Please note that the adoption membership cannot be cancelled as long as the foster animal is alive.

  10. We would like to ask the adoptive family to bear a part of the necessary expenses on the foster animal at a time of transfer. (Though it varies in contents of treatment, an average cost would be about 20.000`40.000.), and this will be used for the rescued animals to come to our shelter.
    (The inspections and tests given to the foster animals before transfer are as follows:@@neutering and spaying operation@blood test@urinary test@kidney and liver check@X-ray check@vaccination iinfectious deseases preventive injectionj@inside parasite checkiprescribe parasite killer medicinesj@rabies preventive injection@heartworm check & preventive medicine@trimmingishampoo, etc.j@and others as necessary)

If you have any questions, please contact us.

TEL : 042-362-3400


Home > Adoption Parents@Agreement
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