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Questions about the activities of SALA


‚pFHow many animals are protected at SALA

About 70 dogs and 10 cats are protected as of May, 2011.

‚pFI want to participate in the activities, and how can I?

First, please ask us for the materials by telephone or post.
We appreciate it very much if you could kindly enclose 90 postage stamp. After you receive the materials, please read the contents carefully, fill in the necessary items on the enclosed application form and send it back to us - the procedure is completed. Please feel free to come to our office if you can after you make an appointment by telephone. SALA waits for your participation!

Request for the materials can be accepted also by e-mail, but it may take some time because we do not have a special staff member exclusively responsible for clerical works. Your kind understanding is appreciated.

‚pFI want to participate in the activities, but I live in local area. What kind of help can I do?

Although it's difficult for you to physically participate in the events or activities, you can participate as a Foster Member or a Support Member. And, we are very happy if you could participate in public relations (your kind cooperation in expanding members).

As for the details of membership, please refer to "member structure" in "outline of SALA NETWORK".

SALA Member Structure


‚pFI protected a dog (cat). I want SALA to accept and take care of it.....

AFWe are very sorry, but we cannot. We are always short of the shalter space and the people to take care of them.
We think that "a full responsibility starts at the moment you picked up the animal". We would like to ask the person who protected the animal to continue to protect it oneself. This is the same regardless whether you are a member or a non-member.

We can introduce an organization who will accept with charge, but it is very expensive.

We can only help you with adoptive family finding. Please give us a call or FAX or e-mail for details.


Questions about the activities of ADI

‚pFHow can I become a dog trainer?

AFWe suggest you either become an apprentice at a dog training school or enter the school and thoroughly study the basic things about dog training.

We can introduce a dog training group where you can be an apprentice and it would be one of the means to be a dog trainer, but it makes a big difference depending on whether you studied the basic things or not.



Questions about adoption application

‚pFCan I get an animal free?

We ask an adoptive family to bear the necessary expenses related to the dogs/cats when they are handed over.

The necessary expenses are:

Neutering / spaying operation
Kidney & liver function inspections
Blood test
The inside parasite inspection (worm killer medication)
Outside parasite inspection (medication with killer medicine)
Prevention of heartworm
Rabies preventive injection
Mixed vaccination
Trimming (shampoo) and so on

Average necessary expenses are about 20,000`40,000. In addition to this, annual membership fee of 1,000 is required as an adoption member after the animal is actually adopted.

‚pFIs any qualification required to become an adoption parent?

Anyone who agrees the policy of our oranization and loves the animal for life-long and who lives in Tokyo and the surrounding areas can become an adoptive parent. However, a transfer is concluded only when an adoptive parent and the dog/cat both hope. Please understand this, and also understand that there might be a case that we are not able to meet your request.

To the page of the adoption parent agreement


‚pFI live in the local area. Can I apply to an adoptive parent?

AFVery sorry, but as we make life-long follow ups of all the foster dogs/cats adoption parents are currently restricted to those who live in the Tokyo 23 Wards and the surrounding areas only.

‚pFCan I specify the kind of a foster dog (cat) at application?

Although size and sex can be specified on the application form, application specifying the kind of dog (cat) cannot be accepted..

‚pFCan I apply to an adoptive parent by e-mail?

Adoptive parent application by e-mail is not accepted. You can only ask for the materials by e-mail.@

‚pFNeutering / spaying operations are not necessary, so I want the necessary expenses cheaper.

AFVery sorry, but we cannot do that. neutering/spaying operations are "must" at our organization, and even if the animal is handed over to you before the operations are given under some circumstances you are under an obligation to submit a veterinerian's report on neutering/spaying operations by a specified date. This is to prevent a foster dog(cat) from being handled for breeding, and it means that no more unhappy lives are made.

Regarding the other necessary expenses to be paid for by an adoptive parent please refer to "can I get an animal free?" in the FAQ Page.


Home > FAQ
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