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Profile of SALA (About SALA) Members are invited
 Introduction about SALA - what kind of activities they are doing, their policy, organization, etc.
Look at SALA's Map      

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 SALA members are widely invited, and they will form SALA's organization and support various activities.
SALA Junior Club Fund raising activities
 SALA has special Junior Club where children can learn important thing in life through caring the rescued dogs and cats from their early age. We hope this will be of help in rearing children.
 SALA is doing daily fund raising activities at west-side of Shinjyuku Stn. Your understanding about the need of our fund-raising activities is much appreciated and waiting for your kind cooperation.
Assistance Dogs for Independence Nursing home visit reports
 Introduction to assistance dogs rearing (guide dogs, hearing dogs & assistance dogs). Requirements for assistance dogs are increasing. This is one of SALA's purposes of activities.
 SALA's activities of visits to nursing home for the aged together with SALA dogs are introduced. Visit activities are carried out 1st, 2nd and 3rd Sundays every month.
Introduction of rescued dogs Rescue reports
 The site where rescued dogs (cats) protected at SALA are introduced. This site is an easy reference for adoptive families.  Rescue reports that SALA are doing in cooperation with its network groups. We regret that we cannot up-date our rescue reports due to short of staff members although we are doing various rescue activities.
Program to be a dog trainer SALA Angels Garden
 Program is introduced for those who want to be a dog trainer.

"Adoptive family finding" is being held at our SALA Angels' Garden in Higashi Fuchu every Saturday between 12:00 noon and 3:00 p.m. Several dogs out of the protected dogs at SALA shelter who are looking for adoptive families are attending.
Please feel free to drop in our SALA Angels' Garden.

Look at SALA                
Angels garden's Map

SALA Angels Garden's Map
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Foster member invited
("Daddy, Mommy Long Legs for dogs/cats")
 You can be "Daddy or Mommy Long Legs" for the rescued dogs/cats. If you cannot keep dogs or cats at home for some reason, you can meet with your designated dog or cat whenever you want by becoming a Foster Member supporting a part of the caring costs of the rescued dogs or cats.

Volunteers are needed
 SALA is doing various activities, but cannot recruite enough official staff members due to lack of fund. SALA's activities are greatly supported by your kind cooperation.

Adoptive families needed
 All the SALA staff members strongly desire to make the rescued dogs' (cats') dreams come true. They are dreaming of meeting with warm-hearted families and start a new happy life.

Request for donations
 The site where we ask for your kind donations & contribution (fund and things) in order to operate and maintain our various animal welfare activities.

 The site where FAQs and answers regarding SALA's activities are introduced.


To: The foster parents of SALA dogs(important)

We would like to express our great thanks for taking good care of the adopted SALA dogs and cats, and also participating in SALA's events.
This time we would like to ask you all for a kind cooperation.
Although our adoption oath says that the SALA dog foster parents should send a yearly record sheet of the adopted animals to SALA, many of them do not, some of them do not
send us even their address changes. Some envelopes addressed to them are retunred undelivered due to their relocation. It is very difficult for us to find out their new addresses,
and it would be waste of time and costs. We spend most of our time to care the protected animals at our shelter, and there is no time for us to spare for finding out the
foster parents new addresses.
Without the record sheets from the foster parents (as promised in the oath) it is very difficult for us to keep records on our dogs protected, adopted (including a case
of death) etc.
We sincerely appreciate the foster parents' kind cooperation.

Under these circumstanses, we are not ready to send out the 2015 SALA Dog Calendar yet. We apologize for the delay.
We have been making the SALA calendar to let as many people as possible see the happy faces of the adopted dogs and cats and also understand that many protected animals
really need loving homes.
We would like to ask you all for your kind unerstanding.
We qre very sorry for causing inconvenience and delay in delivering the calendar.
Delivery will be arranged as soon as the calendar gets finally available.

New :up-dated on Feb. 1st, 2015】

Notice to foster parents

Above is "adopted dogs data sheet" for this year. The form will be sent out to the adoptive parents by post, and please fill it out and send it back to us.
As the photographs can be used for SALA dog calendar please attach your dog's photograph
which is printed on the proper photo paper.(Copy of a photograph is not acceptable.)
If you are sending us a photo by e-mail as attachment, please make it a JPG file.Attachment to an e-mail is much appreciated.We look forward to receiving it.
In case the dog died, please mention the date when he/she died and attach a photograph.

=== Re-homing ===
Pochi, rescued in the crippled nuclear power plant
disaster area in Fukushima, has now found ever-loving home !! 
Pochi is now officially adopted by a nice family after a trial period.


Pochi (left) and Fran (right), the family's dog .
Pochi looks so happy!

=== Re-homing ===
Mac, rescued in the crippled nuclear power plant
disaster area in Fukushima, is currently under trial.

Mac (right) together with Miya-chan, the daughter (center) and Cuzco,
the family's dog (left), After the trial period is completed
Mac will become a member of this nice family!

Today, July 27 (Sat.) Mac was officially adopted after the trial period completed. He is now a member of this nice family!


Pochi (right) is relaxing with Fran (left).


Pochi is playing with her Dad (Mr. Salton).

Updated【2013.07.24】  Updated【2013.07.24】  Updated【2013.07.24】

The following dogs were rescued in the disaster-stricken areas and
now being protected at SALA's shelter

You can see enlarged photo by clicking on the photo (New photographs as of Sept. 2 were up-dated)
 The owner of Hasshy (temporary name) identified. (Sat., August 20, 2011)

The following dogs were rescued in the disaster-stricken areas and now being protected at SALA's shelter.
They are waiting for adoptive family.
up-dated on Feb. 23, 2012

You can see enlarged photo by clicking on the photo

Timie ♂
Marble ♀
 Pochi ♀
 Oscar ♂
 Carl ♀
 Alf ♂


Donations         Financial report

We, SALA NETWORK is rescuing dogs in the stricken areas every week (in addition to our protected dogs already in the shelter)
and the shelter capacity is reaching almost maximun. Accordingly, medical expenses has now greatly increased, and we are facing very severe financial difficulties and we are also short-handed.
We are waiting for the help by volunteers who help with our shelter works, and also your kind donations to support our activities are much appreciated.
Thank you.

Any questions,please contact SALA office.  
TEL186042-362-3400(Please dial "186" first, otherwise cannot get through.

>>>  Donations from out of Japan <<<
Your kind donations to the following bank A/C please.
Thank you !
 Name of Branch : Higashi-Fuchu Branch (Branch Code : 048)

 Name of A/C holder : SALA Fund, Kasumi Tanino (Representative)
 A/C No.: 048-0093792
 (Japanese YEN Account / ordinary deposit A/C)

3-25-1, Shimizugaoka, Fuchu City, Tokyo, JAPAN  183-0015

Use of any articles, pictures and data of screen of this home page without permission is strictly forbidden

Established in June, 1988(Individual activities for 40 years changed to group activities in 1988)
Animal-related activity organization registration number
No.101612・101613 Protection and training
Date of registration: Sept. 16, 2008
Date of renewal: Sept. 15, 2013