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Introduction of visit activities

SALA is doing nursing home visit activities together with SALA dogs on 1st, 2nd and 3rd Sundays every month.

Actual visit is about for 50 minutes, but the time passes so fast. Round trip will take over three hours; prepare for the visit, commute to and from the visiting place and return to SALA. Considering the burden to the dogs, 50 minutes will be the maxim stay at the place.

Although it's a short period of time, we would be happy if the people at the nursing homes feel warmth of dogs and we hope it gives them a mental and physical vigor for tomorrow.

The children of the SALA Junior Club members are mainly participating in the nursing home visits.

Recently children do not have many chances to communicate with the aged people in daily life, but the children and the aged people start talking naturally through dogs. Thus, we could give the aged people vigor but on the other hand we learn many things from them.

Please have a look at the introduction of a part of our visiting activities.
Just starting a visit - this scene is rarely introduced.
Get into the room at an appointment time - people are already waiting sitting on the chairs in circle and we greet them together with the dogs.
We basically visit one place every other month because we do just 3 visits a month, so as soon as a brief greeting is done the dogs scattered to the people at nursing homes.

As most of the aged people at nursing homes have difficulty in walking around, the dogs greet them on their knees. (The person in white clothe is the nursing home staff member).
Although middle-size or large size dogs do not go on their knees, they prefer having the dogs on their knees feeling warmth and breathing of the dogs.

Showing smiling face like this - this is the happiest moment for us in doing the activities. The dogs do not demonstrate special performances, but just being there. We think that animals have a great power.

Looking at the dog gently. The dogs understand the aged people's gentleness and some of the dogs start dozing off on the knees.
The time for the aged people and the dogs passes gently, however the 50 minites passes so fast.


The Junior Members, although they are children, are familiar with how to treat the dogs, and they kindly tell the aged people how to touch the dogs and also advise "this dog feels very happy if you pat here"......... conversation starts very smoothly and naturally

Sorry to part from the dogs. Although having difficulty to walk around, the aged women came out the building to say good bye to the dogs.
We were very happy that the aged people really
loved to meet the dogs.

Cooperation by SakuraSakura and Amamoto Hospital

Home >Visit Activities
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